Ignorance is indulgence & Knowing is renunciation

Renunciation is not a doing; it is not something to be done, it just happens. It is a natural result of knowing. Indulgence is mechanical: that too is not a doing — it is a natural result of ignorance.

Hence, the idea that renunciation is a hard and arduous task is meaningless. In the first place it is not an act — activities alone can be difficult and strenuous — it is an outcome. Secondly, in renunciation what apparently drops is worthless, and what is attained is priceless.

In fact, renunciation as such does not exist, because we gain immensely more than we drop. The reality is that we drop only our bondage, but we gain liberation; we drop only shells but we receive diamonds; we forsake only death but attain immortality; we leave only darkness but attain the light — eternal and infinite.

Where then is the renunciation? Dropping nothing and receiving everything cannot be called renunciation.

Source: Seeds of Wisdom: OSHO