Osho leads the new meditation technique : Fourth Stage: total rest

Now no questions and no deep breathing. Drop everything, abandon every effort. For these ten minutes keep lying as if you are dead, as if you are not. Give up everything. For these ten minutes drop all efforts and lie in waiting for him. Cease to do anything; neither ask “Who am I?” nor breathe deeply. Just keep lying—relaxed, restful. Listen to the roar of the sea. Listen to the wind passing through the pines. If a bird calls, listen to its sound. For ten minutes feel as if you are dead, as if you don’t exist.

And now open your eyes slowly, slowly. If your eyes don’t open, then cover them with your palms. Those who have fallen down and who find it difficult to get up should first take deep but slow breaths and then rise up. Don’t be in a hurry, don’t rise abruptly. Get up slowly, very slowly. And if someone cannot rise even after breathing, then he should stay lying a little longer and breathe deeply but slowly. Then he should first sit up and then rise very slowly. Open your eyes…One who cannot get up should further breathe deeply but slowly, and then rise very gently. mirac103

Source: Osho
Osho’s New Dynamic Meditation Technique