Osho leads the new meditation technique: Second Stage

Second Stage: Ten minutes’ catharsis

In this stage you have to let go of your body completely. Breathe in and breathe out deeply and leave the body free. Let it cry if it feels like crying. If tears well up let them well up. Let your eyes shed tears…If your hands and feet tremble, let them do so. If the body shakes and moves and whirls, let it do so freely. If it stands up and begins to dance, leave it free to stand up and dance. Take deep breaths and let go of your body. Whatever happens to the body let it happen; don’t come in its way…Deep breathing, deep breathing, deep breathing. For ten minutes continue deep breathing and relax the body. If the body takes certain postures and gestures—asanas and mudras—allow it to take them. If it rolls on the ground, allow it to do so. Leave the body free and just remain a witness, a watcher. Don’t hinder the body in any way…

Continue deep breathing; bring your full energy to breathing, and leave the body to itself. Whatsoever happens to the body, let it. Don’t hesitate; don’t shirk, and don’t shrink at all. Don’t resist the body in any way. And don’t think of others. And let go of the body. Many things will happen when the energy will awaken and ascend. Tears will well up and fill your eyes, the body will shake, the limbs will move and mudras will be formed. The body may even rise up. Let everything happen. You are alone here; there is nobody but you. Let go. Breathe deeply, breathe deeply, breathe deeply. Work hard for one to two minutes, before we enter the third stage. Bring it to its climax before we enter the third stage….

Source: Osho’s New Dynamic Meditation Technique

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