Never a better time than now !

It’s a pity we waste our precious NOW by just aimlessly thinking of the unknown future. The mind has become our master rather than keeping under our control. We lift our arms and legs when we want to, but our mind is beyond our control; it keeps running non-stop even when we need it to stop… like a film roll reeling continuously flashing through the past memories and making future projections despite our will. It gets us so tired ! The mind has taken over us completely, and we have become its slaves. It keeps running aimlessly into the past and future without our even being aware of it ! We must put it back in it’s rightful place to be able to discover our true powers, our true self ! This aimless running of the mind has killed our true capacities and powers, we are much much more than what we have diminished ourselves to. We must remind ourselves that our mind is a utility, a mere device provided for our convenience of recording, calculating, memorizing. We should be able to summon it when WE need it, and not allow it to take us for a ride 24 hrs of the day, even in our sleep! The mind is not at rest even for a second; aimlessly wandering.. making us mentally and physically sick; dominating us ! No one but WE can help ourselves out of it; and once you taste the inner peace, the silence that comes with the mind being still, you will discover your true powers ! Nobody or nothing will be able to agitate you, to affect you in any way.. you will not be dependent on anyone or anything for your happiness. You will be completely at peace with yourself; one with nature.

You can start by simply watching the thoughts that cross your mind… just sit back and watch the thoughts come and go. You will be surprised that most of the thoughts that keep your mind occupied are useless and have no relation to reality; to the present. You will either be making castles in the air of a future that hasn’t even come, a future that is unpredictable which we cannot steer even if we wanted to. OR, it will be dwelling in the past which has already passed now, and we couldn’t re-live it even if we wanted to.

Another starter would be to watch your breathing. Become aware of each breath you take; watch it all the way in, and all the way out(closing your eyes would help still your mind all the more). We normally breathe unconsciously; the very root of our existence, and we are not even aware of it.

Whatever you do, try to be conscious of your actions. Many a tasks we do absent mindedly which proves that the mind has wandered off elsewhere, and is not present with us in what we are doing.

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