Happiness achieved!

By Pooja Kumar,

Just sit down in any comfortable posture, close your eyes, and study your mind. Watch the thoughts crossing your mind. Simply watch them come and go. Don’t try to control or suppress. You can also practice this as you drift off to sleep, or whenever you can find some time to yourself.

How many thoughts passing your mind you find useless or irrelevant.. that you could do without at that present moment…? These insignificant thoughts just tend to keep the mind busy resulting in lack of awareness with your present actions. Most of the time, the mind is cluttered with the thoughts of the past or the future, resulting in its absence in the present… which is where exactly we most need it! These thoughts occupy most of the space of the mind, leaving very little for us to use. It’s simple logic.

A simple example here: You have a cabinet you use regularly, and it gets cluttered with irrelevant stuff… things that you may have used in the past and are no longer relevant,  or things that you hardly use from it, or things that you may or may not use some time in the future. What happens to such a cabinet…? And what happens to the person using that cabinet…? You can no longer use that cabinet effectively until you empty it of the things you don’t use. But, if you yet insist and continue to use it that way, you will not be able to use it effectively… thereby wasting your time and energy. You will finally have to clear it, clean it, and arrange it of things that are of current use to de-stress yourself, for your own ease and comfort… for your own happiness. This is exactly the case with the mind. Clean it of the past and future, so that it can effectively live in the present. It’s you who will benefit from it extremely, and you will witness it.

Start by breathing with awareness, and being alert of your present actions. While you perform your routine tasks… any action… say brushing, showering, eating… take pleasure in them. Enjoy each task with complete awareness. Be aware of your thoughts during each task and see where the mind is..? Has it again wandered into the past or future…? As soon as you become aware, the mind will snap back to the present, to reality. Even if it is for a short while, it’s better than no awareness at all. It will be tough in the beginning, but slowly you will regain control of your mind, and in turn gradually regain your peace and happiness. You’ve got to do it! Not for anyone else, but for your own self…. for your own happiness! When you will be at peace yourself, only then will you be able to spread happiness and peace to others. Awaken and send out your love to this entire universe you belong to. The universe needs you, it’s missing you… you are the child of the universe… become one with the universe!

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