Do you like being with yourself… ? Ask yourself the question

By Pooja Kumar

If you are at peace with yourself, you will never be in search of other company. But, if you are running away from yourself, no other company will ever be enough… including alcohol, tobacco, and all other temporary intoxicants.

So, sit down with yourself, close your eyes and inquire within… what is it you are running from… are you unhappy ? … with what..? are you afraid..?… of what..? do you feel lonesome..? …. why…? are you emotionally hurt…?… is it worth to stay that way..? Face it… Change it! You cannot keep running away from yourself forever! You can temporarily cheat yourself, intoxicate yourself… but then what after that… it’s you again!

You are beautiful! One of a kind in this vast universe! You are priceless! Unique! There is no another exactly like you. Is that not a compliment enough ? Doesn’t that make you feel precious…?

You are the child of this beautiful universe… this wonderful nature! Recognize your true worth…. You are amazing!… precious! You can do miracles, wonders… just like you see some others doing around you! You are no less! Only you need the eyes and confidence to see it. You are loved by your Father Universe and Mother Nature just the same.

Undoubtedly surrender to your parents… trust your source! How can a parent ever betray its child..? Nature will never let you down. Listen to your heart… you can never go wrong! Never do injustice, and also never bear injustice.

You have a right to be happy 🙂 Love being with yourself… love yourself ?.. and you will automatically become capable of loving others ?… and you will never need another again, nor any other temporary support… ever! Bring up the courage to know yourself. Come to peace with yourself ?