You’ve just got to change the way you look at things

By Pooja Kumar

You’ve just got to change the way you look at things, and as soon as you do that… you will see everything with renewed eyes. First of all,

-do only what you can reason with, and what seems right to you. Do not blindly follow what others are doing without YOU believing in it.

-do only what you like and are happy with. If you are really not willing to compromise yourself, existence will always support and guide you towards your happiness. Trust your source, and take the bold step. This is your life, and you’ve got to live it. You have to be happy to keep your God(existence,nature, whatever one may call it or believe in) happy.
-Listen to your heart and intution. Cannot be any guru better than that.
-never blame another for anything. Once you can understand that you yourself are the reason for whatever happens in your life.. you will be able to see things with more clarity. Rather than abusing and blaming the other, concentrate on what YOU can do to eradicate the problem positively. Everything arises from you, from your reaction to the problem you are facing.
-remember… whatever is happening is happening to the whole, not to you alone. We exist as a whole and affect one another with our actions. Love another, love all creations of nature, love yourself.
-come to terms with the fact that whatever has come to life has to die one day. Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out of it alive. So, take it easy. It’s all just a temporary affair. Don’t slog and plan. Don’t wait to first save, and live a secure life later. Nothing is certain in life, not even life. We are not here to only think about our blood relations and only our own desires…. Not to only focus on banking money and give undue importance to sex. It makes us very small to be limited/confined to these petty desires. We are very vast… as vast as this universe. The reason we humans are here is to add more beauty and art to this beautiful planet. But, we have a certain life span, and we will perish one day just like all the other creations of existence. So hurry up and make your mark… leave some contribution of the art you have been blessed with for the world to see. Add some Poetry? Music? Sculpture?… Anything you do best and have been blessed with. It will give you pleasure too 🙂 Be creative.
Life is beautiful ? If you can practice love and compassion towards everything, you will always be happy. Accept and let go with the flow. Don’t fight, don’t stand against the currrent. All storms will pass by without touching you if you don’t resist. But if you choose to stand against the strong wind, you will only face devastation and destruction. Surrender to the flow!

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